Slater Jewell-Kemker
Some English

Feature film recommended for grades 8-12

Slater Jewell-Kemker, remember that name! Slater began her filmmaking career as a curious kid with a camera. As a youth delegate representing Canada on the global stage, Slater grew up concerned about the environment. Like many people today, she carries the burden of what environmental collapse could mean for her generation and the future of humankind. Hoping her lens might offer a path to a better world, Slater began witnessing the struggle of young people fighting for a cleaner, fairer planet. Youth Unstoppable sets the stage for a pivotal shift in the global climate movement, and the rise of youth activism. Young people have been building networks and communities, uniting in shared interest for longer than a decade. As the daughter of renowned environmentalist, David Suzuki, Severn Cullis Suziki’s remarkable condemnation of world leaders at the United Nations (UN) rippled through the youth consciousness over the years sowing the early seeds that led us to this moment, seeking justice.

Capturing everything from the bone-dry rice fields of India to the teargas laden streets of the various UN climate summits, Jewell-Kemker travels to the front lines of Alberta’s tar sands to the Indigenous-led rallies of South America. As her knowledge of our interconnectedness and interdependence as a species evolves, so too does the movement, constantly being replenished with new energy and ideas. Ultimately uplifting, this documentary digs to the root of our climate catastrophe and presents a way to move forward.

Themes: environmental stewardship, youth activism, friendship, global consciousness, Indigenous rights, coming of age, climate change

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