Join us to celebrate the 25th R2R International Film Festival for Youth from March 28 to April 6, 2023!


Our Elementary & High Schools program in Vancouver are now open! Book a spot for your class.


R2R Shorts Online will give classes across B.C. access to our Online Elementary & Online High School program.
(Please note that we will not have feature films online)


Stay Tuned for the announcements of our public screenings and events!

Elementary Program 2023High School Program 2023

R2R Film Festival 2023

Elementary Programs 2023

Get involved with our Elementary programs to introduce critical thought to students.

High School Programs 2023

Screenings, interactive presentations, and activities for high school students

R2R 2023 Schedule

Check out our full schedule for the 24th Reel to Real Film Festival and book tickets for your class or your family!

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“The Reel 2 Real International Youth Jury is an opportunity to see film through a new lens. You are exposed to movies you wouldn’t otherwise see: foreign, local, feature, and short. By watching with a critical eye and discussing with fellow jury members, film takes on a whole new dimension.”

Saskia Vaisey,
Grade 11

“It was different from being just a passive viewer… [T]he result is that we’ll watch movies and TV differently, based on what we’ve learned. In a world dominated by the media, it’s an important skill to be able to… look at these images more critically.”

Adriana Byrne,
Grade 11

“I [was] continually blown away by the number of talented film makers from across the globe that submitted their films to the festival… I hope that film makers keep remembering the youth as an important and influential audience in the future.”

Yasmin Kassam,
Grade 11

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