Shorty Short Shorts: Mixed Animation

Little ones take big adventures while worlds of lyricism and poetry invite youngsters on a journey of self-discovery. From the back seat of the road trip to the unseen recesses of space, prepare to be swept away!

Themes: growing up, exploration, imagination, comedy, animation, mystery, poetry
Length: 55 minutes

Recommended for grades 3/4-6
Note that the following film features non-English dialogue with subtitles: I’m Not Afraid!

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Jules looks up to the stars in wonder at the worlds and galaxies we have yet to see, or even begun to imagine. Yet the world can be a scary place– who knows what’s out there?

Depicting the poet's most famous plays with individual flair and images that flow dynamically into one another, this is an homage to the works of William Shakespeare– in about 3 minutes.

During a game of hide and seek, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger in order to overcome her fear of the dark.

A tongue in cheek smirk at the survival of the fittest. Two clueless birds try their best to protect their eggs from a volcanic, comedic eruption.

Muted water tones and delicate lines tell the story of a boy who has been told to let the fish go. A surprisingly short whale of a tale!

With only 100 kms left to go on the road trip a back seat argument begins to take shape, filling up the car, until mom has had enough.

It’s the same everyday, until one night a timid rock-monster arrives and breaks up the town’s routine. Shining her light, Luce ends up on an unexpected adventure, underscoring the value of both being and feeling at home.

Driven by its own curiosity, a little seed stumbles out of its paradise-like habitat and into the unknown in a quest to shed its persona and discover what it truly needs.


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