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As a non-profit organization, we intentionally keep our prices affordable for young people and families — our tickets are the most accessible in the city! Join us for these delightful feature films. 

Binti has a charming personality, she just doesn’t seem to have those all-important followers. Not yet. Convinced she has what it takes to be famous on social media, Binti vlogs every moment. When the immigration police raid her home, and try to deport her and her dad, they are forced to flee. Seeking refuge with her new friend, Elias must find the courage to stand up for his friend.

Based on the popular Canadian children’s TV series of the same name, Dino Dana The Movie celebrates blended families, smart kids and science above all! Only ten years old, Dana already has a solid working knowledge of the Mesozoic era, except one unanswered question: Where are all the kid dinos?

Sophie and Fritzi spend their days dreaming, and dancing with Sophie’s dog, Sputnik. Their summer is interrupted when Sophie is whisked away to her grandma’s house in Hungary. Soon it becomes apparent that she won’t be coming back to East Germany: the Berlin Wall has been erected.

Jacob is an imaginative boy who dreams of being an architect like his busy father. Mimmi is his know-it-all cousin who has the inside scoop about everything in her small town, Maskachka. With the help of an unruly pack of talking dogs, can they save Mimmi’s neighborhood from unwelcome change?

Sam has concerns that he’ll eventually be on his own. While on family holiday he meets Tess, a somewhat more worldly eleven-year-old who is definitely up to something sneaky! An adventurous summer unravels as Sam and Tess become unlikely friends, learning extraordinary things about themselves and each other. This heartwarming film won the Audience Award at the NY Children’s Film Festival.

This coming of age tale centres on the traditional nomad life of the Mongolian steppe, living in harmony with nature. After his father dies in a tragic car accident, Amra is forced to abandon his childhood reverie and assume financial responsibility for his family. Veins of the World marks Oscar nominated director Byambasuren Davaa’s debut, The Story of the Weeping Camel, as a dramatic feature filmmaker.

Convinced Akane is the sacred ‘Goddess of the Green Wind,’ an alchemist and his tiny fairy-like assistant usher her to their hidden world where not much makes sense. Director Keiichi Hara (Colorful, Miss Hokusai) returns to R2R with his marvellous creation, depicting a fantasy of pure Wonka-esque imagination.

Slater Jewell-Kemker, remember that name! As a youth delegate representing Canada on the global stage, Slater grew up concerned about the environment. Hoping her lens might offer a path to a better world, Slater, at the age of 15, began witnessing the struggle of young people fighting for a cleaner, fairer planet. Youth Unstoppable sets the stage for a pivotal shift in the global climate movement, one which centers the rise of youth activism. Ultimately uplifting, this documentary digs to the root of our climate crisis and presents a way to move forward.


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