A-Z Feature Films 2024

Somewhere between imagination and reality, Jules and Asha begin to piece together the true history of the land and confront the prejudice of a 1940’s settler community. A fantastical tale that explores the dynamics that shaped early colonial Canada.

As they grow into adults, gen Z teens Maxime, Julian and Vilas soak up the final days of their open and vulnerable friendship – soon they will part ways and be tested when new opportunities beckon. BOYZ is a compassionate examination of the rich complexity of male-friendship, set against the quotidian backdrop of coming of age.

Max’s family has been relocated to Quebec’s finest farmland – now he’s gonna be an egg farmer! First, he and his new friends will have to stand up to the mega monopolies and complicated regulatory hurdles to get their organic eggs to market. A heartwarming story of community care and the need for responsible small business.

A thought-provoking blend of documentary, animation, and elements of poetry. Through her eloquent and powerful words, Mi'kmaw poet and former poet laureate of Kjipuktuk (Halifax) Rebecca Thomas shines a light on the enduring effects of colonization and the struggles that Indigenous people continue to face in contemporary Canadian society. Three Indigenous illustrators lend their talents to animated segments that visually represent Rebecca's words.

Miyawata is a 15-year old Indigenous activist from Winnipeg, Canada, who never hesitates to speak up for what she believes in. To protest the injustices that her people have faced throughout the history of Canada, she refuses to stand for the National Anthem. She’s on a mission to help Indigenous voices be heard and included. Following the path of students around the world, she’s the very first organizer of school strikes for the climate in her hometown.

From the makers of the animated classics, A Cat in Paris and Phantom Boy (R2R ‘16) comes a family friendly, mystery/heist romp that asserts the workers rights of a small French town, and centers friendship, family and community above all.

After being forced to leave everything behind, Saleem, a young boy carrying the burden of his past, stumbles upon a treasure map and embarks on a life-changing quest. Empathy and love shine bright as Saleem learns to lead with his heart.

At different stages of their young adulthood, sisters Luna and Marina use their summer vacation to track down their absent father. Along the way they learn a thing or two about each other, themselves, and the beautiful simplicity of life. An intimate and tender tale of sisterhood in the urban tropics, and a rich portrayal of colourful teenage life.


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