Animate and Relate

Sunday April, 7- 12:00PM at the Roundhouse Community Centre
Wednesday April, 10- 10:00AM & 11:45AM at the Roundhouse Community Centre

These shorts highlight how things correlate. Representing the finest animation of the year, they are best suited for the youngest among us, including the inner child of any adults.

Themes: connection, comedy, family, friendship

This short film program is recommended for grades 4-5

Please look at the advisory for One Small Step and The Fox.

The heads of characters are linked by their hair. They influence each other with every move they make, and the result is captivating, profound, and comical.

With the unconditional support of her humble Japanese-American father, an ambitious young girl chases her lifelong dream to be an astronaut. With heaps of tenderness, and impressive animation, we are reminded that the road to achieving our biggest aspirations can be long and challenging. We are lucky to be loved along the way. One Small Step is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

In a plausible dystopian future, humans are training for an important mission. Floreana takes us on a vividly animated journey to witness the inner mechanics of a training facility on a remote island, and meet the creatures living there.

In luminous black and white, and using an array of animation techniques, filmmaker Parissa Mohit patiently examines the interactions of a woman and child amidst a bustling cityscape under construction. Lulled from a high-rise apartment building, the world becomes a fantastical and dreamlike realm where buildings shift and topple, and fabric flows freely in the breeze.

A hunter entraps a young fox, ties a dog's bell to its neck, and leaves it to fend for itself in the woods. The fox, growing desperate and hungry, is delirious with rage. Yet the instinct to survive is fierce. An allegory of survival, revenge, and love, this provoking and erratically animated short is based on a Persian story by French writer Jean Guèvre.

Accompanied by a 10,000-year-old shapeshifter and friend known as Sabe, Biidaaban sets out on a mission to reclaim the ceremonial Anishinabe harvesting of sap from maple trees in an unwelcoming suburban neighbourhood of Ontario.


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