Animation From Many Nations

Taking R2R audiences on an armchair journey around the globe, with films from Russia, the UK, Australia, the USA, Mexico, Lebanon, Sweden, China, and France, these shorts are filled with light-hearted joy that is fun for all ages.

Themes: friendship, comedy, Indigenous teachings, science, music, community, animation
Length: 57 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-6
Note that the following films feature non-English dialogue with subtitles: In the Woods, Something to Remember

The missing ingredient to an ageless beauty potion is... to add a baby to your cauldron. Posing as a nanny for hire, a dubious witch may have found her final “ingredient” in a nearby castle. A playful animation about feminine beauty standards.

Voiced by Sir Ian McKellen, the moon makes a new friend after a singing meteor crash lands on its surface. A charming and spacey ode to friendship.

Made during lockdown, with good humour and a smartphone, this playful and zany stop-motion illuminates how difficult life can be as an outsider.

Performed entirely in the Cherokee language, Inage'i follows three animal friends whose mischievous curiosity leads them to ignore humble and wise words from their bear elder.

The teachings of a patient and steadfast Mexican grandfather establish a wealth of memories for a grandson who looks back fondly on their time in the wood shop.

Losing her senses one by one, a Lebanese grandmother slowly becomes a wooden chair. As this transformation persists, she comes to realize that her housemaid was not a cat after all; rather she is a loving and cherished member of the family who protects the old woman as she ages.

In this mesmerizing and contemplative stop-motion animation, featuring adorable singing animals, director Niki Lindroth von Bahr (The Burden, R2R ‘18) returns with a lullaby for an impending disaster.

Two piano players find themselves at odds, since each has a very different way of playing the same music. From China, this absorbing hand-drawn animation questions who gets to decide how we understand the language of musicality.

Deep in a lush forest, a conclave of wild animals meet for an impromptu nocturnal opera, conducted by a very serious squirrel. Once again France’s Illogic Collective demonstrates that they are a force of nature in the world of computer generated animation.


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