Asia Animated Around the World

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Stories that highlight Asian experiences and impart the joy, wisdom and unique identities of this global diaspora and specific geographical region. Rich and complex, being Asian is multifaceted and worthy of celebration.

Themes: cultural appreciation, tradition, animation, family, connection, meaning of life, cultural identity
Length: 45 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-7
Note that the following films features non-English dialogue with subtitles: Don’t Forget to Take Medicines on Time, The Song of Flying Leaves, The Old Young Crow

Advisory: The Old Young Crow deals with the death of a son

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The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese event with thousands of years of history. This frantic and bold animation captures the happiness of the festivities.

Combining a variety of touch-related art mediums to convey a harmless game of cards, a young gay boy is confronted with the thrill of accidentally touching the hand of his "straight crush."

When her father visits and commandeers the kitchen, Linh, a single mother, is faced with the intergenerational tension generated between their traditional Vietnamese cuisine vs. the American food her son is used to.

Collage materials, made from collected paper waste, animate a mindscape full of wonder, and mushrooms pop up like reminders or (oh no!) bad moods.

Inspired by ancient Armenian symbols, the inventions of this ethereal existence become a reflection on friendship between a father and a daughter, a teacher and a student, an adult and a child, and the path that can make the impossible possible.

An Iranian boy befriends an elderly Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo. The ghost of her son is ever-present as mixed forms of animation depict a world of childhood curiosity, only now pieced together as an adult.


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