Big World Shorts

Through animation and comedy, short films invite us to expand our perspective and ask us to consider life outside of our immediate bubble.

Themes: coming of age, facing fears, love, family, freedom, community
Length: 51 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-5
Note that the following films feature non-English dialogue with subtitles: Thanks Again!, Fearless Gopher, Blue Curry

A young boy spends the day at the temple where he meets a new fiery friend that leads him on a spiritual adventure.

As the frame literally expands, more of the scene becomes apparent. An ode to simple life and appreciation of routine, this charming and patient animation offers a slice of rural country living in Japan.

Dreaming of flying with the birds outside, one day the old lady leaves Kiki's cage open, inviting an exciting and scary night of living free.

A young boy scout gives himself the mission to liberate his friend from her house since her dad won't let her go to the camp.

In a whimsical world a cheerful young girl decides to help a little bird by investigating where all the eggs are disappearing to. An imaginative mystery with a unexpected ending!

The risky business of overcoming our fears is a surefire way to strengthen our character––sometimes it's best to just jump!

Attempting to play matchmakers on the last day of school, Mia, Natalie and Jabari frantically try to set up Ms. Cheryl for a love connection. Afterall she is the most beloved bus driver of all time!

The greatest life lessons are learned through simplest of experiences. Behold, your regular kitchen turns into your biggest classroom and Mom serves up a plate of wisdom.


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