Decisions, Decisions

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Being a teen is tough sometimes. Existential dilemmas, ego, intrusive thoughts, negative images of self-worth, or even a lack of information can all get in the way of making the best choice. In our complex ways of being, we find the perfect imperfections that make us human. It’s in processing our darkness, our ignorance, and our trauma that we are invited to show up for ourselves and make those all important and conscious decisions.

Themes: coming of age, morality, overcoming darkness, finding strength, evaluating circumstances, understanding our deepest truth
Length: 92 minutes

Advisory: deals with mature themes of teen pregnancy (A Passing Cloud), deals with mature themes of disordered body image and eating habits (Tutù), deals with mature themes of existential dread and suicide (C’est la Vie), animals are butchered for food (The Mango Tree)
Recommended for grades 8-12
Note that all films feature non-English dialogue with English subtitles

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During school hours, rideshare driver Zhao Mei gives a lift to a teenage girl, Yiyi. On the way to their destination, Zhao Mei slowly begins to question her role as a mother as she learns more about her young passenger.

A small town in southern Italy is shaken by the passing of a young dancer who died of anorexia. She represented the ideal standard of beauty and talent for her classmate, Ester, who suffered this loss more than anyone knows. Ester now struggles to survive the fate her friend was consumed by.

A darkly comic, stop-motion animated, musical/dance number about a man who has a peculiar moment of clarity upon considering the meaning of life. C'est la vie!

Tsiory, a city teen, is sent to spend the summer with his grandmother Mirana on Reunion Island. Reluctantly, Tsiory discovers an important part of his heritage, that of a Malagasy family marked by a history of slavery.




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