Docs - Made in Canada Edition

These documentaries don’t have much in common, except that they were all made by Canadians and Indigenous Canadians. One film is about the intimate experience of coming out to one’s family; another film takes viewers deep into a secluded pine forest. A third film explores the confines of an overpopulated dog pound in Morocco. Together these films bring us to places we are not often acquainted with, offering new insights and perspectives.

Themes: cycle of life, refugee plight, LGBTQ+ experience, language revitalization, new perspectives, documentary
Length: 45 minutes

Recommended for grades 6-7
Note that the following film has non-English dialogue with subtitles: Mutts

Language revitalization efforts happening in the Wsanec territory on the Saanich Peninsula are celebrated through prayer and song. Young members of the community demonstrate the importance of carrying their language and culture into the next generation.

After five years abroad, filmmaker Ajahnis Charley returns home to quarantine with his family, – he’s on a mission to share his personal truth. Surprising conversations ensue with his mother and three siblings, culminating in a humorous and sometimes heart-wrenching snapshot about family, love and acceptance.

In refuge in Morocco, time seems to stand still for the 750 stray dogs waiting to be adopted; their lives follow a precise, prison-like routine. They groom, they growl, they feed, and relax in the sun. Then the routine happens all over again the next day.

Freshly killed by coyotes, the remnants of a deer rest in the middle of a pine grove. For an entire year two surveillance cameras allow us to see what happens next––a timelapse documentation of the natural cycle of life.


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