Families Near and Far

Friday, April 24 10:00AM & 11:45AM at the Roundhouse Community Centre 

Moving and thought provoking, these families are quite different, and yet have so much in common, compelling the viewer to empathize with their unique experiences.

Themes: parental neglect, racism, family, animals, identity

Short film program recommended for grades 6-7 

Please look at the advisories for Azadeh, Jarvik, Across the Bridge, Breakaway
Note that the following films have subtitles: Azadeh, Jarvik, Sh’hab

These films are part of the Reel Focus Elementary School Program.

Living in a small village in Iran, Azadeh wants to hop on a bus to see her father in the hospital, in what might possibly be the last visit. When her mother and brother forbid her from leaving the house, she must take matters into her own hands to outwit her domineering family. In this emotionally poignant drama, issues of control and perseverance define the resolve of two siblings who have the right to say goodbye.

Summer is coming to an end and Léa needs space to grow and breathe to find her own identity. Yet her brother's heart condition constantly reminds her that life hangs by a delicate thread. Marking one year without their father, the family is challenged to find the space to move on. Director Emilie Mannering returns to R2R after co-directing last year’s award winning Mahalia Melts in the Rain.

Upon hearing a myth about falling stars, young Amna’s curiosity is sparked. When night falls on her Qatari village, she secretly sets out on her father's boat despite the fact that girls are forbidden to do so. With the assistance of her older brother, Sultan, Amna will take a risk to chase the fabled comet.

Elaborate scenes of an animated video game play out as a proxy for a sibling rift. Will brother and sister be able to combine forces to bridge the gap between them and overcome the obstacles presented? Through an adventurous game they learn to work together to succeed.

Eleven year-old Sammy, the youngest sibling in her Chinese-Canadian household is obsessed with hockey. Inspired by her idol, Barry Wong, the first professional player of Chinese descent, she dreams of playing for a Vancouver team someday. However, her responsibilities at home and annoyingly childish older brother’s bullying get in the way—not to mention hockey is mostly reserved for boys, not girls!

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