Family Matters

Parents and children, and grandparents and grandchildren, negotiate their connections to one another. With quiet observation they understand new and hidden internal experiences about survival, death, and existence that determine how to relate on the level of human, animal, and even AI.

Themes: environment, identity, boundaries, end of life and care, parent child relationships, living up to expectations, love, memory, artificial intelligence
Length: 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 5-7
mature themes of isolation (Plaything)
Note that the following film features non-English dialogue with subtitles: Go Fishboy, Existence, Plaything, Nanitic

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“If I couldn't remember him, what else can be left to prove his existence?” A young girl reflects on how to best remember and honour her late grandfather.

Every day when the ice is ready to bring to town, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their precariously placed home on a cliffside. João Gonzalez’s award-winning and visually mesmerizing tale of environmental woe premiered at the Cannes film festival and is now nominated for an Oscar.

In a future not so unlike ours, Nima’s mom introduces him to his new baby sister, Gadon. When Nima’s jealousy rears, he resorts to shutting down the toddler in a bid for his mom’s undivided attention. Not everything is as it seems and Plaything will have you on the edge of your seat with dystopian surprises.

A respected chef from a lineage of celebrated sushi makers attempts to connect with his son through shared knowledge of the family trade. Tensions arise as he begins to notice a fishy pattern of behavior in the young boy.

9 year-old Trang starts to shift out of oblivion while her aunt Ut tends to her terminal grandma as she struggles to breathe in the living room. How can a single body occupy so much space? What will happen when Grandma is gone? A stunning TIFF premiere by Vietnamese-Canadian director, Carol Nguyen.



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