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This year’s Feature Focus program promotes an in-depth development of media literacy and critical thinking skills. We’re broadening our global reach and have incredible films from around the world. These weekday matinee screenings of thought-provoking films are followed by a Q&A with a discussant  about the film’s content, message and aesthetic. Viewing guides are provided to all participating teachers, with useful questions, activities and resources for integrating each program’s content into your classroom.

Each school group registered for the film screening has the option of booking The Essentials of Visual Story-telling workshop, which will be offered at your school, post-festival (from April 15 through May 3). Please inform us of three dates that your class will be available. Please note that this workshop is only available to groups attending Feature Focus. Workshop details are below. Book your class today!

When: Monday, April 8 | Tuesday, April 9 | Friday, April 12, 2019
Where: Vancity Theatre
Cost: $7 per student (film + study guide), or $17 per student (film + study guide + workshop at your school)
Cancellation Policy: Your booking must be cancelled at least two weeks in advance for a full refund  Please send your cancellation in writing to the education [at] r2rfestival.org.

To register please fill in this form. If you experience difficulties using the online submission form, please contact education[at]r2rfestival.org 

The Essentials of Visual Story-telling: Our artist in residence Arun Fryer will come to your class and cover three facets of visual story-telling in this exciting workshop including: the three act structure, framing, and rule of thirds. Using simple terms, Arun will help students better understand how a camera works to capture light. Students will use these ideas to create short films together, with ‘collaboration’ being the largest theme of the day.

OPENING NIGHT FILM - Mia’s parents decide to leave London to manage a lion farm in South Africa. Soon after a rare white cub named Charlie is born. Although Mia is reluctant to find any joy in her new situation, she develops a close bond with Charlie. Three years later, her life is shaken when she uncovers an upsetting secret about how the farm makes a profit. Distraught that Charlie could be in harm, Mia decides to follow the traditional Shangaan legend and find a home where Charlie can live out his life safe and free. This incredible project was developed and filmed in real time over the course of five years as the cast and animals aged and formed real bonds with each other. The filmmakers used no special effects and every interaction with the animals was captured live. Mia and the White Lion is one for those rare family films that will find its way into the canon of great films starring animals, such as Fly Away Home and Black Stallion.

In preparation for a traditional celebration of death and renewal, Satoshi’s grade 5 class is building a float to carry in the parade, at the end of which their creation is ceremoniously destroyed. Trying to make sense of his maturing body, Satoshi is embarrassed when a beautiful new girl, Kozue, takes notice of him. Bewildered by her otherworldliness, Satoshi gradually learns that Kozue’s outlook might actually come from another world. Makuko touches on life’s deeper existential questions, inspiring curiosity and reaching a deeper understanding of this terrestrial plane.

Documenting their daily experience, director Rosa Russo offers a glimpse into one ordinary day in the lives of four girls, living in different countries, all located along the same geographical meridian. In seeing their vastly unique lives, we connect to their humanity, and happily, this gives us a better understanding of our own world. Preceded by: A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl

Jovan has cerebral palsy. His mobility is a source of frustration for him, although he finds reprieve within his vivid imagination. Jovan's (extra)ordinary existence is shaken up by the arrival of a new classmate, Milica. She believes her stepmother is a witch and has cast a spell on her father. Jovan and Milica set out to break the spell, offering Jovan a reality beyond anything he could have imagined. Yet, to become a true hero, Jovan must first learn to accept himself.


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