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Reel Focus

What: Students in grades 4-7 attend a hands-on filmmaking workshop (75 mins) accompanied by a program of short films (75 mins). A Film Study Guide will assist you in preparing for the program, and provides follow-up activities to facilitate discussion after the screening. In addition, we make every effort to have a guest in attendance at every screening for a Q&A.
When: Mon to Thurs April 8-11 & Mon to Tues April 15-16, 2024 (from 10AM to 1PM)
Where: Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver
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Feature Focus

What: For students in grades 4-7, screenings of thought-provoking feature-length films, where every effort is made to host a Q&A with a discussant about the film’s content, message, and aesthetic. A Film Study Guide is provided to all participating teachers, offering useful questions, activities and additional resources for integrating each program’s content into the classroom. Your students will benefit from an in-depth development of their media literacy and critical thinking skills – while broadening their cultural awareness and global understanding. The films are Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret, Saleem and Adventures in the Land of Asha
When: Wed and Thur April 10-11, Tues April 16, 2024
Where: VIFF Centre Theatre
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