Reel Focus 2024

Short Films + Workshops

Students in grades 4-7 attend a hands-on filmmaking workshop (75 mins) accompanied by a program of short films (75 mins) tailored to your grade level. We provide study guides to prepare your students for the program and encourage follow-up back in the classroom. Each film program will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers or a discussant. The film programs and workshop descriptions are listed below.

When: April 8-11 & April 15-16, 2024 (from 10AM to 1PM)
Where: Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver

Cost$225 per class (groups up to 30 students)

TO REGISTER: Closed – registration for R2R 2025 will open in February!

The Shortest and Littlest Ones

Monday, April 8 / Tuesday, April 16 SOLD OUT BOTH DAYS

Tales from the POV and experience of youngsters, small animals and the shortest among us. This mix of remarkable yet brief animated works brings together unforgettable stories and unparalleled creativity.

Recommended for grades 4-6

Themes: exploring, new experiences, making big choices, appreciation for life, friendship, family

Indigenous Spotlight 2024

Tuesday, April 9 / SOLD OUT

Around the globe, from the northern winter tundra to the Sahara desert to the top of Turtle Island’s most westerly communities, Indigenous resilience and cultural appreciation is thriving.

Recommended for grades 4-7

Themes: family, community, resilience, Indigenous sovereignty, land rights, wisdom of elders, oral history

Asia Animated Around The World

Wednesday, April 10 – SOLD OUT

Stories that highlight Asian experiences and impart the joy, wisdom and unique identities of this global diaspora and specific geographical region. Rich and complex, being Asian is multifaceted and worthy of celebration.

Recommended for grades 4-7

Themes: cultural appreciation, tradition, animation, family, connection, meaning of life, cultural identity

It’s Her World

Thursday, April 11 / Tuesday, April 16 – SOLD OUT BOTH DAYS

Dramatic, heartwarming, and putting the spotlight on varying cultures, the disparate and nuanced stories of young girls take center stage. As different as they are, the experience of coming of age is universal and full of lessons.

Recommended for grades 5-7

Themes: mixed identity, facing fears, honesty, care for elders and family, coming of age, trust, cultural appreciation

Growing Up

Monday, April 15 / SOLD OUT

The trials and tribulations of growing up can be both exciting and excruciating, and we sometimes age at an unexpected pace when life hits with a surprise.

Recommended for grades 5-7

Themes: coming of age, family, seasons changing, responsibility, animation, grief, lessons learned, emotional intelligence



Students shape and mold characters with plasticine and, using stop motion animation. They will create short films in small groups that will be sent to the teachers after the festival. The plasticine is messy, and all kinds of fun!

Digital Filmmaking

The class learns the functions of a digital video camera, and a few insider tricks. Then students break into small groups and film short scenes on their own inside and outside of the Roundhouse.

Objects in Motion

Using everyday school and art supplies, students will animate objects on Ipad animation stations in new, silly, and imaginative ways. They will receive their films after the festival.

Cut Out Animation

A variety of pre-fashioned and cutout materials will be used to create characters and sets. In small groups, using video capture techniques, students will be taken through the steps of creating a short story on the topic of the short film program!

Handmade Film

Explore the art and history of cinema! Students will etch and draw on 16mm celluloid to create a collaborative short film. At the end of the workshop students will be able to see their work projected.


Choreographed by the instructor, the class will appear to be gliding, disappearing, and flying through the air in a stop motion animation short film. Students will also produce thaumatropes, an important forerunner in animation (tbc with instructor).

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