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We’re coming back next year with a hybrid festival, in-person and online, from April 3-13, 2022!

The entire program will be presented on Eventive, a world class platform that is easy to navigate. The most cost effective way to enjoy the Festival is to purchase a pass. You will be able to access every film in the festival from your account on one device only. Please be sure to initially log in on the device you will use to present to your students. We do not offer tickets for individual films.You will receive  an ‘online ticket’ to redeem for each feature film or short film program you want to watch. You will be able to view the short films as many times you desire; however, once you unlock a feature film with your festival pass, you have 48 hours to watch it. Please be sure to access the films you want to view by April 22.

When: April 14-23, 2021

Cost: There is an early bird discount for teachers who register by March 31, 2021. We accept payment online, by credit card only.

  • Regular access for a single class is $75 (price includes educational materials)

TO REGISTER: Registration are closed for the R2R Online Festival 2021

Study Guide: With the registration and purchase of a school group festival pass, teachers are invited to select up to three film study guides. This year all study guides will include instructions to set up your own animation stations and steps to produce an animation workshop in the classroom without an instructor. Study guides available for High School programs are: three short film packages; Indigenous Spotlight, In Another World, Those We Care About; and the feature films, My Name is Baghdad, The Lesson, Veins of the World.

A note about subtitles: Most films at the R2R Festival will either have English closed captioning or subtitles. We encourage young readers to follow English subtitles as best they can, and gain exposure to other languages, regardless of comprehension level. Research has shown that foreign language exposure sparks language learning.

If you have any questions, email education[at]r2rfestival.org. 

Talent Lab

What: Students from grades 8 to 12 watch award-winning feature films and curated short film programs. The Talent Lab program includes study guides for all short film programs and selected feature films with relevant information about the films and suggested discussion questions, activities, resources and instructions to set up your own animation workshop in the classroom.
When: Available online throughout the festival dates – April 14-23, 2021
To Register: Registration are closed for the R2R Online Festival 2021

Youth Filmmakers Showcase

What: Young BC filmmakers show us what they can do with a camera and their imagination. Made with a little help from their friends or with their instructor in their Media/Film class, the selected short films can receive some incredible prizes.
When: Available online throughout the festival dates – April 14-23, 2021
To Register: Registration are closed for the R2R Online Festival 2021

Youth Media Conference & Behind the Scenes Career Expo

Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to offer one of our most popular programs this year.

What: The YMC is a day-long conference of screenings, interactive presentations, and activities for students in grades 9-12. The goal is to inspire and equip students to explore, appreciate, analyze and share screen media. The conference promotes youth participation and representation in the media as a way to build community strength, encourage dialogue, and empower youth to be creative and innovative. The BTS Expo is Vancouver’s only film industry job fair to meet industry professionals who can help students pursue careers in design, filmmaking, drawing, writing, etc.



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