Welcome to the 2023 Youth Media Conference

What you can look forward to

High school students will start with the screening of the film followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers and our head of programming to talk about digital literacy. After a short break, the students will attend the Behind the Scenes Expo, where they will have direct access to representatives from post-secondary schools and potential employers of B.C.’s creative industries.

Recommended for Grades 9-12

When: Wednesday, April 5, 2023, from 10:00AM- 2:30PM
Where: Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver

TO REGISTER:  FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW – SOLD OUT! You can still attend R2R 2023 with your class by registering to one of our feature film screenings, as part of our TALENT LAB program.

COST: Tickets are $10 per student.

STAR WARS KID: The Rise of the Digital Shadows


20 Years ago social media didn’t exist, Youtube didn’t exist. The Internet was in its infancy, and global fame was reserved for mega rockstars and world leaders. In media studies, “Star Wars Kid” is widely considered the first instance of a viral internet meme. In Montreal filmmaker Mathieu Fournier’s eye-opening documentary, Ghyslain Raza speaks out for the first time, emerging from the shadow of the boy who unwittingly became the first meme, and how the lack of his consent to participate in the onslaught of attention brought a world of unwanted chaos to his life. More than just a cautionary tale, Fournier offers a historical glimpse at the evolution of media, social networks, consumer behaviour, and what today’s law has to say about consent in these matters.

Post-Film Discussion


Students will be joined by filmmaker Mathieu Fournier and subject of the film, Ghyslain Raza, to discuss the film and the topics of media awareness and consent that are explored, including: media ethics, online relationships, and navigating digital environments. Please stand by for more details coming soon!

Behind the Scenes Career Expo

12:30 – 2:30PM

Break through the fourth wall and discover the multitude of career opportunities that await. Students will speak one-on-one with industry reps from Animation and VFX studios, post-secondary recruiters, as well as unions and guilds, about career planning in Vancouver’s flourishing film, television, and media industries. Organization who participated in previous years: UBC, Emily Carr, VFS, Image Engine, Atomic Cartoons, ILM, DNEG, DGC, ICG, IATSE, independent artists, video game editors, etc.


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