Generations: Leaps and Bound

Grandparents and Elders fill the frame, inviting us to see the world from their often whimsical and wisdom-filled perspectives.

Themes: Elder appreciation, wisdom, hardship, tradition, new beginnings, connection to past, grandparents and grand-kids
Length: 51 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-7
Note that the following film features non-English dialogue with subtitles: The Chair, Grandpa’s Motorcycle, Rewind

Visiting his grandmother in a rural Italian village, young Giulio wants to play with the neighbourhood kids, but he's a little too young to make friends easily. Imitating the neighbour as he watches on, a new game emerges and he begins to make new discoveries and new friends.

A dusty old motorcycle sits in disrepair, but for little Qinghe a world of imagination connects him to the stoic and revelrous spirit of his grandfather. A gentle and quiet film that honours tradition and family.

For Leo, a cassette tape Walkman acts as a conduit to connecting with his grandpa. It transports them to another realm full of fun and hugs, in which his grandpa hasn't yet lost his speech or mobility.

After the war in Vietnam, with a baby on the way, a young refugee couple tries to find their place in a new country. A family history shared for the first time, which shines a heartfelt and honest light on Vancouver's migrant and Indigenous experience in 1960s.


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