Growing Up

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The trials and tribulations of growing up can be both exciting and excruciating, and we sometimes age at an unexpected pace when life hits with a surprise.

Themes: coming of age, family, seasons changing, responsibility, animation, grief, lessons learned, emotional intelligence
Length: 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 5-7
Note that the following films features non-English dialogue with subtitles: Yuck!, Harvey

Advisory: Return to Hairy Hill and Harvey deal with the loss of a parent

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Couples kissing on the mouth are gross. And the worst is, you can’t miss them: when people are about to kiss, their lips become all pink and shiny. Yuck!

Childhood ends abruptly when Ethel’s mother unexpectedly turns into a bird and flies away, leaving her alone to care for an isolated homestead and her younger siblings. As a merciless winter descends upon them, Ethel must decide whether to resign herself to fate or seek something more.

Told through the eyes of a younger brother with an overflowing imagination, Harvey is a poetic, luminous look at bereavement and coping with the loss of a parent.

Nakwaxda'xw elder Colleen Hemphill shares the story of her life as a young carefree girl, growing up on a float house. The stunning stop-motion animation captures the lull of summer magic and family care.


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