Indigenous Spotlight 2023

Elders impart their wisdom to find and maintain balance and honour tradition, while young people find their voice and heart center in their worlds. This collection of works celebrates connection to source and the ways of first peoples around the globe.

Themes: environment, creativity, elders, finding balance, honouring the land, self-reliance, reciprocity
Length: 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-7
Note the following films feature non-English dialogue with subtitles: Heartbeat of a Nation, Stories of my Mother

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In Northern Alberta, on the lands of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation, a young child watches as his father teaches him to make a caribou hide drum. In doing so, they reclaim these traditional practices for a new generation.

During a visit to her sister Amaliata, Rosa, a wise Wayuu woman, teaches her grandchildren the importance of reciprocity within their culture.

Aroha, an imaginative young girl with Down syndrome, sets out to share her creativity with her neighbors.

New to town, Zaraya’s next-door neighbour invites her to go on a search for the legendary lake monster, N’xaxaitkw—known to settlers as Ogopogo. Zaraya is challenged to stay true to herself in the face of peer pressure and cruel intentions.


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