Indigenous Spotlight

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Around the globe, from the northern winter tundra to the Sahara desert to the top of Turtle Island’s most westerly communities, Indigenous resilience and cultural appreciation is thriving.

Themes: family, community, resilience, Indigenous sovereignty, land rights, wisdom of elders, oral history
Length: 56 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-7
Note that the all films features Indigenous languages with English subtitles

Advisory: Little Sahara deals with realities of war, displacement and colonization

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A young Sakha boy seeks apprenticeship under his reluctant grandfather. Together they build an ice sculpture: the Bull of Cold, But something goes wrong when the boy takes the project into his own hands.

For Edouard Kaltush, the Innu culture is a remedy that must be practiced and preserved. To pass on his traditional skills, he teaches three children in his community how to weave snowshoes and fish for lobster at low tide. A documentary that captures the resilience of cultural practice and value of intergenerational knowledge sharing.

Those who do not know the Sahara think that in the desert there is only sand. But here there are children who play and draw and make movies, and who would like not to have to think about war. The last European colony in Africa, an occupied country and disputed land called Western Sahara, there are thousands of Sahrawi refugees living a life of certain dependance in exile. Little Sahara is a 30-minute animated doc told in the words and perspective of the children of this solidary and resilient people, who grow up and thrive in the Hamada, where everything struggles to grow.

An awe-inspiring stop-motion rendering of the late Elder Ida Smith telling her grandson the 'Nakwax'daxw legend of the Mink. Beautifully rendered, with deep respect and wonder for the natural world, the story is spoken in the Bak̓wa̱mk̓ala language.


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