Inner & Outer Animated Worlds

What’s happening on the outside isn’t always an indicator of what’s happening on the inside and vice-versa. Not to mention, other worlds may exist and these works illuminate the possibility of deeper forces at work.

Themes: reality, perception, environment, human perseverance, machine and AI technology, fear and connection
Length: 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 4-7
images of a partially nude mannequin-like female form (Paradise Lost), Arachnophobes may want to step out for Zeb’s Spider
Note that the following film features non-English dialogue with subtitles: In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket

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Charming, observational, and experimental, shapes and colours define this world. When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. Am I watching them, or are they watching me?

Given his own limited abilities and the danger of physical injury, filmmaker Nikita Diakur decides to teach his computer-generated avatar to do a backflip. A comical look at AI learning and the value of human persistence.

Among strange and fantastic creatures, a glass-like CGI alien wanders a mysterious landscape. Born from the artist's desire to share a recurring dream, the unpleasant sensation of falling into the void fades into a feeling of precariousness and uncertainty.

Three archetypal woodland spirits explore the conflicting human drives of creativity, possessiveness and our desire for status. Wondrous and magical, festival fave Ainslie Henderson offers up one his best works since his debut at R2R in 2017 with the award winning Stems.

A call centre employee uncovers the flaws in his stop motion universe with the help of a mysterious talking ostrich. Aussie director Lachlan Pendragon’s mind-bending work has recently been nominated for an Oscar, and rightly so!

An eight-legged force of fate spins a complex web in Alicia Eisen and Sophie Jarvis’ new stop-motion film, Zeb’s Spider. What begins as a way to cope with an uninvited arachnid soon takes on a monstrous life of its own.




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