It's Her World

Dramatic, heartwarming, and putting the spotlight on varying cultures, the disparate and nuanced stories of young girls take center stage. As different as they are, the experience of coming of age is universal and full of lessons.

Themes: mixed identity, facing fears, honesty, care for elders and family, coming of age, trust, cultural appreciation
Length: 55 minutes

Recommended for grades 5-7
Note that the following films features non-English dialogue with subtitles: Things Unheard of, Magma

Advisories: Strong language (Sunflower Girl), suggestion of violence – war (Things Unheard of), internalized shame (disability and lying) (Magma)

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Split between two cultures, a young Srilankan-Italian girl falls into an imaginary jungle to escape her daily life. Guided by a droplet, she finds herself in front of her roots and realizes her heritage will forever be an important part of her identity.

Chinese-American pre-teen Rosie embarks on a skateboarding escapade through the streets of New York with her crush and his best friend. In her distraction she risks abandoning her little sister and her responsibilities.

Watching Kurdish-language television in Turkey is forbidden by the military. A little Kurdish girl tries to put a smile back on her mute grandmother’s face after the disappearance of their television, their only window into the wider world, and the only one her grandma understands.

Firey and introverted, Esra's life has been turned upside down. Her father is now disabled after a recent motorcycle accident. At a new school, she tells a lie to avoid her shame and surprisingly it results in supportive attention. Unfortunately she is unable to anticipate the negative consequences of her actions.


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