Current events have pushed the reality of racial inequities and justice to the forefront of many discussions. Highlighting some of the films we’ve shown over the years, we have curated a list of free online films for parents and children to watch together. We have included some thought provoking questions to inspire conversations around justice.

Curated with an audience ages 9-13 (grades 4-7) and their families in mind, Let’s Talk Justice! is full of short films whose makers, characters and communities are seeking justice. Before watching this program, brainstorm together: what are some examples from your own community where people are seeking justice? What role does filmmaking and storytelling have to play in creating a more just world? What roles and responsibilities do you have to contribute to this world?

After watching this program, reflect on how the subjects of each film and the people who created it might be seeking justice. We’ve compiled a list of resources to seek justice towards a world that is anti-racist where people of all ages are free to express their gender. A world where people have loving and mutual relationships with their families, friends, teachers, environments and ancestors

This program consists of four stellar films that all centre the experience of Canadian youth: Mahalia Melts in the Rain, Breakaway, Beauty, and Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes).

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