Made in Canada - The Animation Edition

Get ready for bold and beautiful animation made by talent across Canada, including the Oscar shortlisted masterpiece, Uncle Thomas. These films depict the nostalgia of childhood, and some of the textures of the fabric that make us who we are.

Themes: memory, coming or age, artistic expression, sound and colour, animation

This short film program is recommended for grades 4-7

Please look at the advisory for Teddy Bear Rescue
Note that the following film has subtitles: Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the days

A pair of unlikely travellers encounter a young man on the highway who seems to have forgotten that he can be seen.

After a monster climbs out from under his bed, a sleepy boy goes on an adventure to find his stolen stuffed animal. Teddy Bear Rescue presents a thoughtful look at our fear of the unknown, and is a reminder that sometimes our dreams can be scarier than reality.

Post takes centre frame as a stop-motion collage of cultures and historical events flash through the faces and moments that made their way onto our stamps.

A rambunctious exploration of bold colours and rich textures driven by chaotic electronic music, Bird Milk exhibits some of the classic techniques taught in R2R’s Handmade Film workshop.

A young woman’s daily life neatly unfolds as her relationship to clothing over the seasons pay homage to the microscopic beauty that surrounds us. The clothing she wears becomes the protagonist of her memories are the mementos kept in her soul.

A little girl dreams on the sidelines of an icy hockey rink as this poetic hand-drawn reflection expands, evoking the spirit of the arena and Canada’s time-honoured pastime.

The awkwardness of young love rears its cringe-inducing head during a game of spin the bottle. Disco Still Sucks is a stylized stop-motion period piece set in a typical Canadian basement where personal embarrassment plays out the old fashioned way: in real life.

World-renowned animator Regina Pessoa recounts a personal letter she wrote to her uncle, proclaiming her love and appreciation of the eccentric man who became her artistic inspiration. Uncle Thomas, set in Portugal, is also a moving tribute to a poet of the everyday who was obsessed by numbers and calculations. This is Pessoa’s most personal work to date. An important film that celebrates love and difference, it is also shortlisted for an Oscar for Best Animated Short.

Sufjan Stevens’ “The Hidden River of My Life” sets the scene for an experimental music video which uses elements of 2D animation, rotoscope, and live action to illustrate a cosmic, yet deeply intimate exploration of humanity: our past, our present, and the places we might go—all in the span of a few minutes.

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