Parents, for Better or Worse

Sometimes parents come on a little too strong, and every now and then emotions flare up, yet love remains and we are often better for it. A collection of complex coming of age stories that center compassion and empathy.

Themes: family, courage, support, homophobia, coming of age, understanding adults, love, exploration and play
Length: 56 minutes

Recommended for grades 6-7
Shower Boys: deals with homophobia
La Grogne: young viewers may find some images scary 
Like the Ones I Used to Know: the myth of Santa Claus is dispelled

The following films have non-English dialogue with subtitles: Niebla Mist, Shower Boys, Tales of the Salt Water, Like the Ones I Used to Know

Recently moved to a new home near an ancient cloud forest, Nicolas’ curiosity lures him into a world unlike his, against his parents wishes. Underscoring the importance of balance between the natural and human made world, this gorgeous animation from Colombia honours life in all its mysterious glory.

Twelve-year-old footballers Viggo and Noel explore the limits of their masculinity in the shower. But when a sudden stop to an innocent game interrupts their curiosity, questions what a male friendship is allowed to be arise.

A disquieting fable of dark humour and imagery, a child competes with the family dog for the affections of their otherwise absent father.

In the twilight of summer, a family must come to terms with the reality that their son will be away at school for the next year. Full of love, this a gorgeously animated tale of letting go in the best possible way.

On Christmas eve in 1983, rural Quebec, Santa is late for the party and papa Denis sits alone in his car. Older sister, Julie, bears witness to her family with a new lens and must decide how to honour this new information and what feels right. A brilliant depiction of stepping into adolescent growth.


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