This year’s unique edition of the festival brought outstanding films to homes and classrooms across British Columbia. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the festival a success! We extend our immense gratitude to our sponsors and partners for supporting our festival through the online transition.

Congratulations to all the brilliant filmmakers who participated. It has been a remarkable year for adult and youth filmmakers alike. Check out all the winners awarded by our Youth Jury for this 23rd R2R festival!


We are also proud to announce the winners for the The Youth Filmmakers Showcase. The talent and imagination from the young B.C filmmakers is truly inspiring. You can find the full list of winners and prizes.

Next April we’ll be back with a new program. Save the dates: April 3-13, 2022!


Junior Youth Jury Awards

My Extraordinary Summer with Tess wins Best Picture for the Senior Jury category.
Junior jury: “The director incorporated a mixture of comedy and drama into the film,” which shows how “you should take life as a gift.”
Steven Wouterlood, director: “Thank you to the jury, it’s so heartwarming that you get the message of the movie.”

Honorable Mention: Binti
Junior Jury: “We chose Binti because it had an important moral, and even if you’re from a different place, people shouldn’t treat you differently.”
Frederike Migom, director: “Thank you so much for having given Binti an Honorable Mention… I’m so happy that you’re spreading the positive vibes.”

Something to Remember wins Most Innovative Film.
Junior Jury: “We chose this film because it was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and it was interesting how animals were talking about how they wanted to live.”
Niki Lindroth von Bahr, director: “I was so surprised and honoured to get this award for Most Innovative Short Film; that was a huge honour to me.”

The Kicksled Choir wins Most Inspirational Film.
Junior Jury: “The Kicksled Choir was inspirational because it showed us to be kind to others and not to do things we’ll later regret.”
Torfinn Iversen, director, and Julia Andersen, producer: “We’re so proud to receive this award and we wish we could be at your festival in person.”

Maestro wins the NFB Prize for Best Animation.
Junior Jury: “The birds and every animal looked so real, it’s like they made the birds do the actual acting but it’s CGI.”
Victor Caire, co-director: “We want to thank the Youth Jury who voted for our film. We read all your lovely comments and are very happy about it.”


Senior Youth Jury Awards

Veins of the World wins Best Picture for the Junior Jury category.
Senior jury: “This is a captivating, wonderfully written and well performed film. There’s a moving conflict that builds throughout the film and grows to an amazing ending. Breathtaking landscapes and cinematography. It moves beyond stereotypical documentation and instead delivers an overall beautiful film.”
Ansgar Frerich, producer: “We’re so honoured to receive this award… We hope to see you all again soon at the theatres.”

I Still Breathe wins Most Inspirational Film.
Senior jury: “It inspires us to do what we can to help educate ourselves and others about racism and how we still have much work to do.”
Alfred George Bailey, director: “The producer, Betty Aldous, is a Canadian native from Vancouver. We’re so pleased the film got this response, and we want to say a great big thank you.”

White Winged Horse wins Most Innovative Film.
Senior jury: “White Winged Horse is exceptionally made; it’s a creative film and we’ve never seen anything like it before.”
Mahyar Mandegar, director: “It’s a great honour to receive this award, and the comments were heartwarming.”

My Name is Baghdad wins the EDITH LANDO PEACE PRIZE.
Senior jury: “My Name is Baghdad‘s topic of feminism made it an empowering film. The topic is applicable to young women and men alike. I can take what I learned and apply it to experiences I might face in the real world.”
Caru Alves de Suza: “Thank you to the Senior Youth Jury and the Vancouver audience for this very warm welcome to the film, on behalf of the cast and crew of My Name is Baghdad.

Honorable Mention: The Lesson
Senior jury: “The Lesson gave us an image of history, how we learn about it, and what to do with our history in the present.”
Elena Horn, director: “This award from the Reel 2 Real Film Festival is a really important one for me because I always made The Lesson having a young audience in mind.”

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