Sunday Fun Day

Pancake Breakfast 

Join the R2R family for some delicious pancakes on Sunday April 19th, 2020 at 10:00AM! Your stomach won’t be sorry. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat breakfast of homemade pancakes and sizzling bacon. We’ll also have juice, and gallons of hot coffee for the grown-ups. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. Pancakes will be served from 10:00 – 11:30AM, and the workshops and films will be offered until 6:30 PM.

Special price: $7 per person, includes short film programs + workshops + VR, and a pancake breakfast. The feature film Dino Dana is also included with this price.

Short Film Programs

Made in Canada: The Animation Edition

10:30 AM – 44 minutes

Get ready for bold and beautiful animation made by talent across Canada, including the Oscar shortlisted masterpiece, Uncle Thomas. These films depict the nostalgia of childhood, and some of the textures of the fabric that make us who we are.

Themes: memory, coming or age, artistic expression, sound and colour, animation

The Dark and Light Is All Around

11:30 PM – 58 minutes

Singing and animated animals feature prominently in this collection of short films, ranging from the melodic and magical to the wacky and downright weird.

Themes: animal behaviour, music and sound, family, friendship

Legends, Myths, Faith & Fairy-tales

12:30 PM – 35 minutes

From the mystical and the magical to the stark and bizzare, journey to lands unseen and see things that are impossible to unsee!

Feature Film

Dino Dana The Movie

2:00 PM – 77 minutes

Based on the popular Canadian children’s TV series of the same name, Dino Dana The Movie celebrates blended families, smart kids and science above all! Only ten years old, Dana already has a solid working knowledge of the Mesozoic era, except one  unanswered question: Where are all the kid dinos?

Themes: family, imagination, science, dinosaurs, learning and growing, evolution, familial love


Cut Out Animation

A variety of pre-fashioned and cut out materials will be used to create characters and sets. In small groups, using video capture techniques, students will be taken through the steps of creating a short story.


Students get animated! Choreographed by the instructor, the class will glide, disappear and fly through the air. This is a great introduction to special effects and stop motion animation.

Objects in Motion

Using everyday office and school supplies, students will animate objects in new, silly, and imaginative ways.

Light Box Animation

Using a pencil and paper, children and youth will draw images over top a light box, bringing their creative work to life.


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