The Dark & Light is All Around

Sunday Fun Day, April 19 – 12:00PM at the Roundhouse Community Centre
Monday, April 20
10:00AM & 11:45AM at the Roundhouse Community Centre 

Singing and animated animals feature prominently in this collection of short films, ranging from the melodic and magical to the wacky and downright weird.

Themes: animal behaviour, music and sound, family, friendship

Short film program recommended for grades 4-6

Please look at the advisories for Twilight, Something to Remember & How and Why Don Jose Dissipated
Note that the following film has subtitles: Something to Remember

These films are part of the Reel Focus Elementary School Program.

Inspired by the Burgmansia, a plant which looks like a trumpet’s mouth and can only be pollinated by the exceptionally long beak of a hummingbird, Angel’s Trumpet is a symphonic ode to millions of years of evolutionary beauty.

When a cat brings home its catch of the day, a dead bird, it’s a sign of affection. Feelings of mourning and inspiration strike a young artist’s understanding of this special gift from her beloved cat, Muffin.

Riding a bike through a mysterious landscape, a lonesome toad searching for water finds its way to a deserted city where magic is found in the crevices.

Beeps and blips punctuate etched and handmade images unfolding on 35mm celluloid—a well-realized example of handmade film, a workshop we offer at R2R.

In this mesmerizing and contemplative stop-motion animation, featuring adorable singing animal, director Niki Lindroth von Bahr (The Burden, R2R ‘18) returns with a lullaby for an impending disaster.

A tranquil day on vacation turns into a surrealistic journey... It begins when a bee that almost drowns in Don Jose’s drink is eaten by a duck. A mind bending Escher-inspired chase kicks into high gear.

Deep in a lush forest, a conclave of wild animals meet for an impromptu nocturnal opera, conducted by a squirrel. Once again France’s Illogic Collective demonstrates that they are a force of nature in the world of computer generated animation.

Inspired by her architect mom, a precocious young girl with a creative spirit is determined to build great things. Joined by her pup, the little girl sets out to make the most magnificent thing for her best friend – a dog house. However it may not be as easy as she thinks. This is a timeless tale about perseverance and hard work, and provides a perspective on the power of love and selflessness.

When her family packs up to move from Ontario to Vancouver, Jenny and her cherished bunny, Lucky, embark on an unforgettable adventure across the Canadian Prairies.

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