The Right Thing to Do?

It’s not always easy to know who’s right and who’s wrong; if we’re making the right decision or the wrong one. Indulging in thought experiments of morality and justice allows us to consider nuance, empathy, and compassion, and hopefully invite self-acceptance.

Themes: self-care, love, justice, moral conflict, empathy, kindness, self-reflection, cultural differences
Length: 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 5-7
Note that the following film features non-English dialogue with subtitles: Stolen Kisses, The Winner, Around the Corner

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Granny is losing her memory, which makes it easy for young Amy to take advantage and get rewarded twice for her good grades. Based on the true story of filmmaker’s grandmother, Lidi Toepoel explores love and the ethics of caring for elders.

A man of modest means, Vahid’s dad surprises him with his first bicycle, which means he can finally participate in the school race with all the other kids. Unbeknownst to Vahid, the bike resembles his friend’s bike that has been recently stolen– quite suspicious.

Twelve-year-old Nejc, witnesses a classmate being bullied. Choosing to defend and befriend Timi, the seeming victim of this violent outburst, Nejc begins to calculate that Timi may not be as innocent as he professes.

When a girl in ballet class comments on her hairy arms, a newfound insecurity begins to consume 12-year-old Lada. Despite her mother's disapproval, she decides to shave. Lada must find a way to honour her truth and return to class with her head held high.




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