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Is it friendship? Are they foes? Seeking a deeper connection, young people step outside their comfort zones to connect and foes stand off with one another.

Themes: trust, friendship, self-reliance, identity, love and connection, difference in perspective, fitting in, peer pressure
Length: 60 minutes

Recommended for grades 5-8
Bullying (AmeriGirl), Off screen a child is hit by her mother (Five Pebbles), Bullying and some swearing (Ten Years)
Note that the following films feature non-English dialogue with subtitles: Salvador Dali, Five Pebbles, Ten Years

Bad Seeds takes us to a bizarre world populated by carnivorous plants that can change…

Living with his boisterous grandmother in a remote village, deep in the snowy mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Orozbek, is a joyful boy who loves to draw. We are invited to glimpse his daily journey to school, life in his far away classroom, and the wonder of love in his world.

Eleven year old Aaliyah is excited to see another face of colour at her all white camp. Desperate to make a friend, she attempts to fit in with the cool girls and must decide if shaving her peach fuzz lip should be a term of fitting in. A complex look at self-love and the pressures of adolescents.

The scenic salt pyramids of India are home to two young girls of different caste who are forbidden to play together. Where the bounds of society unravel one pebble at a time, friendship endures all social odds.

During Léo’s birthday party, a valuable toy disappears and the children look for a culprit. A complex story of assumption and suspicion predicated on unexamined bias.



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