Youth Filmmakers Showcase 2021

Twilight | Amaara Mander | 3 min
On a surreal and suspense-filled chase, one student becomes the target of an intimidating teacher bent on collecting the assigned homework.

Fluffie | Tsai-Ni Lin | 3 mins
Delightfully animated, Fluffie is adorable and cute at first, but Fluffie has a breaking point too.

Entropy | Theo Turner, Evan Turner | 2 mins
Through arresting images, a regular day turns into a nightmarish sequence of hallucinations, revealing a dark interior world that seems to be piercing through an otherwise calm demeanour.

Brain on Fire | Ally Turnbull | 1 min
Confronting the extremity of dark thoughts that can sometimes permeate a teenager’s mind, the landscape of a farm in Pemberton presents a contrasting backdrop to a conflicted inner world.

Stepping Out | Meleigha MacDougall, Orinne Reimer , Emily Norman , Keyaira Wilson, Kehler Smith, Katie Lacroix | 4 mins
Faced with a troubled home life, Shannon struggles through her anxiety seeking a new strategy to cope.

Problems | Sydney Ilaender, Radek Koci, Shaun Ganzeveld, Annabelle Hunter, Phoenix London | 3 mins
A critical lens reveals the absurdity of reality-style TV confessionals while five teens espouse their “problems.”

Journey of Dance | Yiwen Jessica Qian | 5 mins
A young girl’s passion for dance is sidelined by her abrupt physical immobility. Persevering with her passion, she shares the steps she took to overcome her setbacks.

My Family | Zed Davidson | 5 mins
Examining the personal ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, a young filmmaker reflects on how isolation has affected his family.

And I Yearn | Yunmin Lee | 4 mins
There are the obvious losses: friends and social outings. Then there are the seemingly less significant, subliminal losses we endured. And I Yearn is an acknowledgment of 2020 and the intangible pain that still exists.

The Dreamer | Sophia Chong | 2 mins
Stream of consciousness images jump from one thought to the next in this experimental and moving portrait of a young person’s mental health.

Timeportation | Samantha Chan, Chantelle Wang, Joanna Zhu | 3 mins
Drawing inspiration from the iconic Britney Spears music video, ..Baby One More Time, a stop motion infused adventure bends space and time for one bored student.

Snow Day | Lailah Francis | 3 mins
After sleeping past his alarm a frantic student encounters many outrageous obstacles on his way to school, he must hurry if he wants to get there on time.

kʷənáŋət néʔ | Marius Fernandes and Julian Fernandes, with Anthony Fernandes, Desiree Louie, Malinalli Angulo, and Weah Fernandes | 6 mins
Marius Fernandes, aka Young Smokehouse invites us into his creative world to address feelings of social isolation during the pandemic.

Asian But Not Really | Tiffany Yau | 7 mins
Interviewed online, a group of friends investigate their unique experience as Canadian’s of Asian descent, and discuss the portrayal of Asian people in pop culture.

In Search of the Self (Sa Pagpangita Sa Kaugalingon) | Isa Roca, Erin Mcleod, Raven Hipolito, RB Beltran, Punit Hira | 3 mins
A pointed and poetic rumination on Filipinx identity, belonging and self acceptance.

All Roads Lead to Romi  | Tessa Gough, Ricky Faulhaber, Josh Boon | 5 mins
Romi Kim shares drag and art and speaks to the experience of being queer and Korean in a small Okanagan town.

Revolutionary Love  | Raleigh Windsor, Keighan Davoren, Will Poole, Lachlan Deiter, Ari Pielecki, Lynden Rivers, Linus Thoemmes, Coel Leel, Iza Stark-Heling, Tessa Gough, Ricky Faulhaber, Josh Boon, Mia Schmeling, Ryan Hudson, Adam Vasconcelos, Matias Hartwig | 2 mins
On Sunday, July 21st, 2019 the youth of Vernon took a stand against homophobia after the rainbow crosswalk in Coldstream, BC was targeted by vandals.

Domenica  | Soroush Dadkhah, Regan Smith, Quinton Nguyen, Nolan Gray, Nima Wadsworth | 2 mins
While exploring the conscious and subconscious ways we internalize and process grief, Domenica’s mundane daily rituals quietly reveal her unspoken personal loss.


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