Youth Filmmakers Showcase 2022

Best Friends | Travis Buck, Cole Russell, Kai Meusy, Louwrens Bezuidenhout | 2 min
Two friends are looking for a missing person, but one of them is keeping a dark secret.

Merry Chaos | Megan Smith, Mikayla Luchinski, Austin Wang, Braeden Yu | 3 min
A chaotic foster family of 11 must quickly band together, clean and decorate their home before their mom gets back from the store.

Citrus | Melissa Wren, Julia Moore, Kianna Jucksch | 1 min
The teenage struggle of dealing with perfection on social media.

Epoch | Ashley Kim, Sophia Li, Emily Yen | 8 min
Locals from different generations reflect on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and share their hopes for the future.

Mysteries of Water | Dakota Bonvie | 3 min
Poetry on film that weaves together new reflections about our planet’s ecosystems.

Orbit | Ty Theoret | 4 min
A child follows hid dad’s footsteps… to space.

There and Back: A Whale’s Tale | Ciahni Marreiros, Georgia Eccles, William August, Lucas McCarthy | 5 min
A documentary about the return of whales to Howe Sound, and the reasons they were absent for over a century.

The Interview | Rhythm Storm | 7 min
A work interview turns into a monologue about life as a teenager in 2021.

Rubber Chickens and the End of the World | Silas Ehlers, Eliza Early Janzen, Sara Hurst, Katie Vanderhoeven, Chicayla Thompson | 2 min
A mysterious clay animated traveller must make a choice.

Brain Files | Elise Widmer, Marissa Sauve | 5 min
An inside look at the turmoil in a teen girl’s mind as she attends class.

Something Stupid | Fraser Hannay, Jackson Jung | 8 min
An impulsive joke goes very wrong when a group of teenagers decide to break into the home of a classmate.

Crow Call and Response | Axaxia Om Castro | 3 min
Students from the Sarah McLachlan School of Music worked with Reel Youth facilitators to plan, shoot, and edit this lively music video.

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