Youth Filmmakers Showcase 2023

We’re excited to announce that YFS is back this year for an in-person screening at the VIFF Centre Theatre on Sunday April 2 @ 5:00 PM!




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Slow Down | Ty Theoret | 3 min
Young up and coming skier Adam Kuch, challenges his abilities in British Columbia back-country free skiing.

Bottled Up | Elisabeth Pollock | 3 min
It’s a hard life for an inch worm in a busy city.

A Conversation With E | Esabella Strickland | 6 min
When a girl playfully responds to a mysterious post-it note, she finds herself unable to escape the conversation she began…

Beauty | Macy Bryce, Mel Yerna, Ryan Fletcher | 7 min
A mother, and her young daughter struggle with contaminated atmospheres, and learn to break the generational abuse.

The Evening Walk | Aaliya Martin, Laurence Dennis | 2 min
Based on a dream, this local comedy-horror film features two protagonists with bears, ice and a truck.

Man of My Dreams | Judy Caranto, Danika Booth | 6 min
A Sleep Paralysis Demon finds themselves falling for one of their victims.

Winner | Baosong Ma, Santiago Melhado | 5 min
Accused of murdering her friend, a professional violinist recounts the events prior and begins to realize something might be off…

The Roomba Goes Wild | Emma Hutanu, Mason Bennett | 2 min
One day, Roomba is tasked to clean up for Bob, but he does his job a little too well.

Through a Human Lens | Kathy Chan | 7 min
Despite the stigma surrounding Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community, Employ to Empower shows a different side of the story through helping individuals with socio-economic barriers become entrepreneurs.

Something to Live For | Priya Alexander | 3 min
A beautiful dancer and choreography captured on camera. The story of the music by Ethan Jewell and the movement of dancer Erica Gunning, come together in blissful harmony to create a spectacular film.

Barely Squeaking By | Momoko Hosokawa, Peter Iskakov | 4 min
The squeaking of ducks haunts a girl caught up in her frequent mistakes.

MATCH | Kyonna Clarke, Kael Gough-Johnson, Mason Fraser, Jared Magale | 3 min
Man is encountered with an old memory of his late girlfriend, and how things started.

Sour Waters | Arden Durand, Brennan Drew, Michael Penner | 10 min
Sour Waters is a mockumentary investigating the controversy of Lemon Creek, B.C., and the dark forces of Big Lemon impacting local residents.


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