Youth Jury Program

Do you love watching movies? 

Applications are now OPEN for R2R 2023’s Youth Jury!

The Youth Jury Program aims to foster a deeper appreciation for independent film from Canada and around the globe. This innovative program begins in January with a FREE workshop in film criticism. A challenging and interactive experience, students sharpen their critical eye, gain an appreciation for different film genres, and learn what makes a film great! The workshop is optional, but highly recommended to gain the most from your time as a juror.

Beginning in February, two youth juries of up to 10 young people are formed to evaluate short films in competition and choose the award winners. During the Festival, members of the Junior and Senior Juries attend the feature films in competition and choose the award winners.

The schedule for the Youth Jury of the 2023 R2R Festival is as follows:

Film Criticism workshop: January 29, 2023, 2:30-3:45pm

Youth Jury meetings: February 5, 12, 26 & March 5, 2023
Junior Jury (Grades 5-7): 12:00-2:15 pm
Senior Jury (Grades 8-12): 2:45-5:00 pm

During the Festival (March 28 – April 6), members of the Junior and Senior Juries attend the feature films in competition and choose the award winners.

Location: We are planning on going back to in-person sessions on Sundays, venue in Vancouver TBC.

We have two youth juries:

• Junior Jury: Participants in Grades 5-7
• Senior Jury: Participants in Grades 8-12

As a jury member, you will:

• Attend the Reel 2 Real Film Festival with free admission to the films your jury will judge
• Watch films in special jury seats
• Choose a winning film & provide reasons for your choice

You will need to:

• Attend every screening as per the schedule provided
• Come to a firm and fair decision in full co-operation with other jury members
• Represent the Festival in media appearances
• Have fun!

What jurors have to say:

We had a great time and the experience was unique and fun. I learned how to analyze films in a thorough, in-depth manner that now makes watching films even more enjoyable. The jurors and organizers were unbelievably devoted and creative and I hope to be part of their jury next year!

– Sophia Negrabee

Thank you so much for this amazing experience! I will definitely want to be on the senior jury next year. I had so much fun learning about film critique and giving out the awards.

– Will Honcharuk

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